“She was great to work with.  Competent and thorough.” 

“Being connected with Jann when I first became separated was essential in making my divorce process as painless as possible.  A friend had used Jann for her divorce and she was highly recommended.  Jann is professional, timely to respond and highly professional.  Her knowledge and experience made our mediation quite seamless.  going through the litigation process would have been extremely stressful and lengthy.  I cannot recommend her enough.  “
From FM, Bergen County

“Jann was so personable and kind to us during our divorce mediation.  She was knowledgeable and clearly had both of our best interests in mind.  I’m so relieved we didn’t have to go through any battles and that was definitely guided by Jann’s help.”
Kerry P., Somerset County

“Jann was transparent and professional from our very first meeting. She gave us a clear review of the mediation process and what we needed to do. In addition, she was always very responsive to our emails and was able to answer any questions or concerns we had at each step of the process. Jann did an amazing job of remaining impartial and when there was conflict about issues she was able to calm the situation and even guide us to see the other’s point of view. She also had out of the box ideas on solutions to our conflicts and presented many options on how we might come to an agreement in each area. I highly recommend Jann’s mediation services! “
TB, Bergen County

“TLC Mediation provides a fast, effective and cost efficient way to arbitrate a resolution. Their knowledge and experience help navigate through obstacles both sides are pleased with.”
James D, Bergen County

“The whole mediation process was quick and painless. We had everything finished in 2 sessions. Jann gave us all the paperwork to fill out and we had it done within 2 weeks. The virtual aspect made it super easy. There was no waiting in a waiting room. We just zoomed and got it done quickly.”
Joseph in Monmouth County

“We researched several other mediators, some of whom were recommended. We interviewed almost all of them. Not all mediators are created the same so approach this important decision cautiously. It was after speaking to Jann on the phone a few times that I had no doubt she would be the right fit for us. I felt it was an advantage that she had been a therapist, which I felt would lend insightfulness and compassion in this very delicate process. Here is what I can say about Jann: she is prompt and easily accessible in responding to any questions or concerns; she knows how to keep sessions focused and moving forward while remaining flexible; she is resourceful both in providing options when things seem at a stalemate and in recommending excellent resources outside her practice that you will need (all her recommendations have been extremely satisfying); as obvious as it sounds, she is very knowledgeable about the mediation and divorce processes. Perhaps most importantly, Jann is kind, professional and insightful, a rare combination. I have already recommended others to her and will continue to do so. I am grateful, most of all because she made a very stressful and scary process manageable and relatively painless.”
Raine Wolfangel

“Jann demonstrated to be very knowledgeable, professional, caring, and overall committed to helping us thru the agreement process. Without question Jann demonstrated a sincere intention to lessen any conflict and work thru some difficult areas between the two of us. Her guidance provided allowed us to come to terms in a very efficient and effective manner resulting in legal expenses being minimized. Overall, Jann was a pleasure to work with and is very highly recommended to any couple seeking the BEST Divorce Mediator available.”
John S., Monmouth County

“We had a great experience with Jann of TLC Mediation. Working with Jann was effortless. She was very helpful, fair and easy to work with.Our mediation went smoothly and quickly. We couldn’t have had a better person to work with. Jann was absolutely wonderful. Would recommend her anytime.”
Sandy, Red Bank

“Jann was a caring and compassionate mediator. She made us feel comfortable throughout the process while making sure we covered all of the issues necessary. She helped us through the difficult conversations to get us to an amicable agreement.”
Kenneth, Bergen County

Dear Jann…
“I want to thank you for all the time you gave me at our meeting.
Your advice about divorce mediation was valuable and opened my eyes to things I would have never thought about.
I appreciate your professionalism and direct demeanor about all the topics we talked about.
Your knowledge of the topics seems to be endless and I look forward to continuing our sessions.
I would definitely recommend you to family and friends…thank you for all you give to others.”

“I was lucky to have found Jann early in my divorce process. She really listened to my story, my concerns, my needs and helped me make a plan to secure my financial future. I appreciated Jann’s experience and guidance and relied on her to help me shape my divorce agreement in areas that my lawyer was not properly addressing. “
Tricia from Bergen County

“I am so grateful we found Jann and used her mediation services. She enabled us to move forward past the remaining issues that were stalling the finalization of our divorce process. Jann provided us with clear explanations and the information we needed to make decisions. With her guidance, we were able to avoid costly delays, and cooperate find a mutual resolution. I deeply appreciate her respectful support and professionalism.”
MaryBeth from Bergen County

“Jann was instrumental in helping me get my financial picture in order after my divorce. I had only learned about Jann afterwards or else I would have most definitely used her in the mediation process leading up to my divorce. Jann was very understanding of my high conflict situation. She walked me through exactly what I would need to do to get my financials organized at such a confusing and overwhelming time in my life. Jann understood my situation as she had gone through it herself so I felt very safe with her as a result. Life has not been easy at this transitional time but with Jann’s help, I was able to get organized, feel supported, and clearly understand what I needed to do to start to secure financial future.”
Gina R. from Rumson, NJ

“Jann is a stellar advisor. She has an instinct to provide the direction you need instead of what you may think you want to hear. When I was going through my volatile divorce she was not just my friend, she was my mentor. Seven years later I still refer to her as one of the most important sources of guidance during the most difficult time of my life. ”
Cheri P. from Hillsdale, NJ

“Jann, is a gem…radiant and strong. When going through this disorienting, overwhelming experience, it’s difficult to think clearly and thoroughly. I did not realize how stuck and sad I was. Jann’s extensive expertise, clarity, integrity and attention to detail brought comfort, perspective, empowering and powerful results.”
E.M. , New Jersey