Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA) in New Jersey

Jann is also a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA). Working with a CDFA as part of your divorce team offers confidence that your settlement is financially feasible, gives you an objective viewpoint in an emotional situation, and offers professional advice about your special financial needs. We help our clients to understand:

  • Personal vs. marital property
  • Valuing and dividing property
  • Retirement and pensions
  • Spousal and child support
  • Splitting the house
  • Tax problems and solutions*
  • Which settlement to choose

Although the entire process of divorce can seem intimidating, confusing and overall draining to even the most financially sophisticated, it is critical to understand every aspect of divorce in order to live a successful, happy, and deserving life moving forward.

TLC Financial specializes in helping people with finances of divorce. Are you wondering if you can afford to be divorced and experience the same lifestyle? Should you choose a lawyer or a mediator? Are you confused and scared of what your financial life will look like post-divorce? Jann Bate Catto can help every step of the way.