How to Plan a Divorce

Divorce Counseling: The Key to a Successful Break-up?

If you’ve ever been through a divorce yourself, your parents are divorced or you’ve stood at the sidelines and watched as a friend’s family is separated; you’ll know that it can be an extremely emotional experience for all who are involved. There may be a lot of tension between the adults who are separating, or there may be children involved who are being forced to deal with the fact their parents are no longer together (and possibly bickering back and forth).

An Easier Transition

When considering divorce in New Jersey or if the process has already commenced, it is imperative that both parents and children have divorce counseling to ensure the transition from married life to single life, and from a two parent household to single parent, is as smooth as possible.

In the US, around 50% of all marriages end in divorce and each couple has a unique situation that belongs only to them. Comparing your own marriage to your friends has never been a successful option, and that is the same when it comes to divorce. Divorce can be extremely stressful, financially, mentally, emotional and legally and divorce counseling is able to provide assistance when it comes time to adjust.

Although not all couples require counseling, it is highly recommended if the divorce is not mutual, if there is tension involved, or children.

For The Adults

When you’re going through a divorce, it doesn’t matter if you’ve been married for 5 days, 5 years or 50 years – there is going to be a lot of stress involved. If you’re struggling to come to terms with the situation, you’re showing or facing anger or aggression, you can’t seem to concentrate on anything other than what is happening with your marriage, you are abusing substances or not sleeping, or you’re feeling worthless, depressed or frightened – divorce counseling can help.

There are numerous benefits as an adult going through divorce in NJ that counseling can assist with, including:

* Helps to identify your emotions and reactions
* Provides advice on how to deal with your former partner, and your children
* Helps with coping mechanisms and allows you better skills to deal with the situation at hand
* Gives you non-judgmental support during a stressful and upsetting time in your life
* Helps with managing any anger and dealing with loss
* Can assist with negotiations between you and your former partner
* Teaches you how to look towards a brighter, better future

For The Children

During the process of divorce, children are often forgotten as adults become more concerned about “winning” the divorce battle, or trying to deal with their own emotions. But in the end, it’s the children who suffer the most, particularly if their parents can’t seem to get along. One of the biggest benefits for children to receive counseling during a divorce in New Jersey is to help them develop the skills to cope with all the emotions they are facing – themselves, and with their parents. The way children cope with divorce depends on their age, and counseling is able to provide the best methods for each age group.

For example, children who are aged less than 5 years may become more emotional, with crying, confusion and bedwetting common reactions; between 5 and 8 years old generally react with great sadness, insecurity and a feeling of abandonment. They may also feel guilty and blame themselves. Those aged between 9 and 12 deal by acting out in anger; while children who are 13 to 18 years are more likely to act out with delinquency, alcohol or drug abuse and aggression.

While it may be easy to forget about your mental health and wellbeing when you’re experience a traumatic time; or that of your children; it’s important you seek help from the professionals. Find out more about our divorce counseling by giving us a call today and take the first step in the right direction for a fresh start in life.