Divorce Mediation & Financial Solutions

Separation and divorce don’t have to be the painful and disruptive events that many individuals and families experience. Divorce mediation can be the silver lining around the clouds that seem to be gathering. Divorce mediation can assist in developing the communication and collaboration skills required to minimize tension and conflict. Many times a long, adversarial and costly divorce can be avoided through divorce mediation or the uncontested divorce process. Couples can be empowered to reach a settlement that meets both their needs. This will save couples in NJ valuable time and resources. TLC Mediation was created to gently guide couples through the divorce process throughout New Jersey. We have two offices conveniently located in Monmouth County and Bergen County to serve you.
Jann Catto, MSW, CDFA, Founder & President


Jann was really accommodating when it came to scheduling. She was very good at being fair and making sure both parties understood, as well as refocusing either of us if... read more


Very helpful and easy process during a difficult time.

Shazmin T.

I highly recommend Jann for divorce mediation. A friend recommended Jann for mediation when I was first separating from my husband. I called and she was able to... read more

Sondra A.

I would highly recommend using Jann for your divorce mediation. She made what was a difficult situation into as easy a process as possible. She was very easy to talk... read more

Scott T.

Collaborative Divorce in New Jersey

Collaborative Divorce in New Jersey is an excellent family law option and is the process of getting divorced without having to appear before a judge even though it still involves the use of attorneys. The benefits are many but among

Financial Mediation Divorce

The entire process of divorce can be intimidating, confusing and overall draining to even the most financially sophisticated. It is critical to understand every aspect of divorce in order to live in a successful, happy and deserving life moving forward.

What is the Best Way to Get Divorced

Is Divorce Mediation Right for You? Prospective clients often have the mistaken impression that mediation is only for couples whose divorce will be relatively simple. They don’t have children or a business or many assets, so there is little to

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