Everything these days revolves around convenience, from the technology we use to the clothes we wear. In many ways, this is a good thing — but there are still many areas of life that seem hopelessly complicated.

For a lot of people, divorce seems to fall into this category — especially when there are so many variables involved. No two situations are exactly alike, and the stakes are very real (especially when children are involved). If there were a way to make divorce cheaper, simpler and more amicable, people would generally embrace it — but in reality, divorce is inherently complicated. Right?

Not necessarily. The mistake people often make is to wait until the courtroom before trying to reach a resolution. Working with a qualified divorce mediation specialist is one of the most underrated methods for reaching a more amicable outcome for everyone involved.

One possibility that usually involves divorce mediation is known as uncontested divorce. The law varies from State to State — but here in New Jersey, uncontested divorce is a specific legal process that allows two parties to resolve divorce-related issues amicably, and to complete the divorce in a way that is more or less “uncontested.” The best way to understand uncontested divorce is to consider its three main benefits.

1. Speed and efficiency

Uncontested divorce may or may not involve attorneys on one or both sides, but will usually involve a divorce mediation specialist. Even if lawyers are involved, the process takes place out of the courtroom — which saves a whole lot of time and trouble. When you compare uncontested divorce to “regular” court proceedings, the total time to process the divorce is usually but in half. In as little as six weeks following the signing of documents by both parties (after key issues have been resolved), the divorce is often finalized.

2. Savings

As mentioned, uncontested divorce often takes place with the help of a professional mediator, and without attorneys on one or both sides. Saving those legal fees can make divorce a whole lot cheaper for everyone — and those savings can also contribute to a more amicable mindset and a smoother overall divorce process.

3. Privacy

Like it or not, much of what transpires in the courtroom ends up being a matter of public record. Uncontested divorce has the added benefit of privacy; because the key issues are discussed and agreed before the divorce is actually filed, the details can remain private (although still legally binding) between parties.

Finding the right specialist

Few things are as personal as divorce, and there are a whole lot of reasons to think things through and settle on the best possible approach. Working out differences with the help of a professional mediator can lead to better results in terms of parenting, finance, efficiency, and overall amicability. Remember, however, that a reputable and highly trained divorce mediator is much more likely to guide divorcing couples toward the best results. Having a discussion with your legal spouse about completing the divorce without unnecessary conflict — and seeking the preliminary advice of a mediation specialist — is a great place to start.