The audio file above is The Architect of Change Show with your host, Connie Whitman discussing divorce and the splitting of assets with Jann Bate Catto from TLC Medation.

Change is hard for most humans. But the change in one’s marital status can be monumental … and painful. So many factors are in play, from kids to money and the emotional distress of losing your partner it can really be debilitating.

How do you know what the correct process is for you, if you have chosen divorce? Is there even an affordable way to execute the splitting of assets without losing most of it, to the costs associated with divorce.

If you are thinking or are in the throws of getting a divorce, your host, Connie Whitman, speaks with Jann Bate Catto. Jann will help provide some alternatives you may not know exist. Jann is going to discuss the costs and how to possibly save on divorce fees by exploring another option. If an affordable option exists, that you may have not heard of before today, you are in for a real eye opening experience.

Jann is the Founder & President of TLC Mediation. Jann has a background as a therapist, financial planner, and divorce mediator and her background gives her a unique perspective in helping couples navigate the divorce process. She is passionate about helping couples and their families get through every stage as fairly and efficiently as possible.