Tips on Communicating With Your Spouse During a Divorce

By Sylvia Smith

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Tips on Communicating With Your Spouse During a Divorce

Sometimes, you have a compelling reason to communicate with your spouse through your attorney, but it may be more beneficial to make the contact yourself. If you have to make contact with your spouse for every minor issue through a family law attorney, you may end up spending huge sum of money.

Successful tips for communication with your spouse during a divorce

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Communicating through your attorney

There are situations when a spouse is so aggressive that it is difficult to make direct contact. In a situation like this, communicating through an attorney is recommended.

Another reason you may need to communicate to your spouse through your attorney is where you have a restraining order that prohibits all contact like in the case of issues of domestic violence.

During your divorce process, the two couples in question need to conduct themselves in a respectful decorum to make the whole divorce process smooth and less stressful. You don’t want additional stress on yourself! You may need to consult a family law attorney to help you with communication if your spouse is acting with hostility.